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Shane Boyd,
Home Inspector

210 Kestrel Ct.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
(843) 458-1629
Email: info@buckeyehi.com
Thanks again for your thoroughness. I appreciate your help and your follow-up
Tom Zoro, New Jersey
Thank you for your promptness, thoroughness and friendly service. It was a pleasure working with you."
Flo and Mike Lemley

Have Your Home Inspected Every Two Years

Buckeye Home Inspections recommends that you receive a Home Maintenance Inspection every two years after you have closed on your property. For about the cost of a basic automotive tune-up, a Home Maintenance Inspection can help to identify problems and damage in your home before they become an expensive or irreversible threat to your fiscal and physical well-being.

Ironically, as large of an investment as a house is, it is maintained far less frequently than the family car though your house often costs ten to twenty times as much as your family car. But unlike what is provided for the family car, a home rarely ever receives a "check-up". Instead, problems that occur in homes are typically only addressed after something breaks or after damage to its structure and systems has become so severe that you are forced to make repairs. Most homeowners give very little consideration to the fact that, if found early on, home-related problems can be addressed or repaired before those problems become so large that the expense of fixing them cause a financial strain.

You provided an excellent and comprehensive report that was, and will continue to be, very helpful. While your cost is a little higher than some of your competition, it was well worth it.

Larry Filiberto, Myrtle Beach SC

Shane, Thank you for doing your through inspection on Friday. I really appreciate the job you did and the manner you did it in. Thanks again.

Art Miller, Myrtle Beach, SC


In a recent survey, we discovered that the number one reason that more current-occupancy homeowners don't get their homes periodically inspected is simply because they aren't aware that the service is available outside of the real estate transaction period. The fact is that Home Maintenance Inspections have always been available, but they simply aren't marketed by real estate agents or most professional home inspections - and there's a reason why.

First, home-buyers and sellers have been lead to believe that only time they should be concerned about the health of a property is when an initial financial transaction is occuring, such as when a property is being sold or purchased. This is actually a bit deceiving because every month you own your home, you are engaged in making a financial transaction. You make a mortgage, right? You pay utility bills, right? So if you are going to make these payments every month, then wouldn't you want to assure that you aren't paying these sums of money into an "investment" that is falling apart right under your fee or above your head? Of course not, yet tens-of-millions of people do just that because of a simple misbelief.

Second, many current-occupancy homeowners do not get a home inspection because they believe that the home inspector will find thousands-of-dollars of damage that would cause a financial strain if fixed. But regardless of what we find, you need to know the condition of your home. We cannot force you to fix anything, nor can we condemn your property. In other words, there is no "pass" or "fail" score. There is simply knowledge, and knowledge is power. Still, most homeowners are pleasantly surprised when the home inspection discovers the kind of damage that can often be repaired for only a few dollars before such damage grows worse, and thus, costs the homeowner thousands of dollars.


Because we want you as a Client "For Life", we are delighted to answer any questions that you might have about your home anytime in the future. Just give us a call!

As a matter of fact, we're adamant about helping you maintain your home so that you can use your home's equity for your next purchase instead of for repairs.

So How Do We Help?

We send all of our Clients a "Home Inspection Tip Of The Month", via e-mail. These helpful tips are designed to keep you in tune with what really needs to happen around your house on a regular basis.

We've sent "Tips" on everything from keeping your Clothes Dryer Vent Line cleaned out in order to prevent a fire, to removing Window Screens on windows you don't normally open, to prevent wood rot.

Oh by the way, the last few months we've sprinkled in a few "Money Saving" energy tips as well! Who else wants to give the power companies less of their hard earned money?

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